Jeep Baby Carrier

Jeep Baby Carrier


Name: Jeep

Category: Soft Carriers, Front Carriers

Manufacturer: Jeep Baby
Address: 1373 Route 9
Fort Edward, NY 12828
Phone: 1-800-511-8645

Origin: USA

Since: 1997


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Jeep Baby Carriers

Jeep baby carrier is a 2-in-1 sport baby carrier manufactured by Kolcraft. Jeep baby carrier allows you to carry on your daily activities freely while staying close to your child. It can be worn on two positions: face in for newborns and face out for older babies.

Jeep baby carrier has a soft interior that keeps your baby comfortable during the travel. It is available in Impulse pattern at the moment.



You can find detailed instructions for Jeep baby carriers here.

! Please always check the official website of the manufacturer for most up-to-date information.

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You can buy Jeep baby carriers from their website or from one of the retailers on this page.

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